Tapping For High Performance Machinery


tapping systems chucks offering scm certified accreditation quality

Tapping Toolholders, from SCM are manufactured from 18 NiCrMo5. This high quality Nickel - Chrome alloy steel is used to provide maximum performance and life of the toolholder

All tapered shanks are case hardened to 58-60 Rockwell “C” and have a core hardness of 40-45 Rockwell “C”. The case hardness is designed to provide the maximum toolholder life without damaging the machine spindle.

All tapers manufactured by SCM are 100% controlled and manufactured in accordance to the AT3 tolerance specification or better. The taper roundness tolerance is held at .00008” or better. Every taper that SCM manufactures is inspected and evaluated with 3 point contact measurement which exceeds the 2 point contact as required by the AT3 specification.

SCM has a significant investment in inspection equipment and processes to ensure the quality of every tool that it manufactures. All high performance tools are 100% inspected and evaluated for T.I.R. and balance. A document of certification is provided that states the actual measurements. All products are manufactured on modern, well maintained machinery by trained and skilled operators.


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